It’s been a fulflling week. we got our schedule fullybooked for the rest of the week, but somehow still got the time to cook. I’ve been cramming to finish the files that I have to translate to somehow catch up with the required number that I have to do per week. I’m real close in achieving this. Also, every weekday except Friday as well as Saturdays, we have to tutor our nephews for almost all of the subjects in English class. It’s not an easy task, because we have to review and research on our own too on the side. The teaching style I also inserted a proofreading request by my cousin and I still have two ongoing online classes and one upcoming. Right now, I have finished three classes and received the certificates for those. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the artwork assignments also with the Finance class. But I’m determined to learn finance. Studying languages is also one of our favorites, recently we agreed to take up German together, as we will hold a group study when we can find the time to. My sister is busy taking up Spanish, Korean, French and brushing up on her Japanese. I’d have to be serious this time around in learning Japanese. There’s a glaze to top all these up, a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, also not missing the chance to spend time with family, and to play with my niece some time.


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