Just finished watching the series finale of Merlin. Merlin’s character is inspiring, he believed that his good friend Arthur would see good in Magic; unlike his father, Uther, who despises magic. He hid his magic and used it to save Arthur several times. He believed that magic is good, it becomes bad because of the people using it for their own selfish desires. Merlin losses his Magic as Morgana’s plans succeeded when he found out that Merlin is Emrys. I like the part where Merlin’s father show up in a memory or a dream and he tells his son that he just needs to believe, because magic has been in him all along. He did not lose it. It does not disappear. Then he regained his power.

This somehow reminded me of how life’s obstacles has changed me in the process. There are swords being wielded and forged so that something could defend us through the stumbling blocks that arise. But it is when we let our guard down that we’d feel at ease, that it means there’s no need of protecting ourselves from the claws around us. For the past months, I’ve regained my smile. I naturally remembered how I used to smile and felt happy. I got myself busy and in the process, I was enjoying. I was sincere in everything I do and how I treat people. I could say that I’m a little bit stronger now. But recently, the clouds are over me again. I tried very hard to fight back the tears, but they suddenly welled up. I still struggle to keep my face relaxed, though most often it feels tensed. If it’s in me, I’ll just have to find my smile back again. Magic might work again.



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