Cooking Explorer

Cooking is definitely therapeutic and a great outlet.

Last Tuesday, we made coffee – Starbucks’ Willow blend. Almost an everyday routine now. Then the Salad dresing for the lettuce and tomatoes. Shepherd’s Pie, Beef with broccoli, and spaghetti with fresh basil and tomatoes.

IMG_2658This mocha cookie crumble is from a different time that we tried making blended coffee.


lunch is served!For lunch, we made Shepherd’s pie that is sauteed ground beef with carrots topped with mashed potato. Then the beef with broccoli where the beef was also marinated, and then the pasta.

Last Thursday, we made coffee, chiggae for the soup, Chicken fingers, Fish with Vegetables, Pesto and Fried Tofu.

fish with veggiesFish with vegetables which was also good according to our aunt. We first marinated the fish and then sauteed the garlic and red onions, after that the veggies, and then added the fish and the sauce. Let the fish simmer in the sauce for a while and then it’s done.

jjigaejjigae with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, cabbage, and potatoes

chicken tendersWe received a rating of 5 spoons from our aunt who tasted all the food delivered to them. Per her request, she wants more, so in our future cooking, we would consider giving them some of the food we try to cook.

I wasn’t able to photograph the pesto, but it’s also one of our first trials of this pesto sauce by chopping basil and mixing it with olive oil. Then sauteed some garlic before adding the pasta sauce and then some chopped almonds, after that, adding in the pasta.

Cooking does relieve stress and sharing a meal with good friends is really nice. We’re set to explore more recipes and cook up meals for anyone who loves to eat.


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