Fun time with our cousins

One weekend, my cousin invited us to have dinner and stay at their house overnight. It was a really fun and spontaneous one, we shopped for groceries and thought about the menu for the night right there. She thought, how about make a chocolate cake? How about hotpot, make halo-halo, onion rings, then rosemary chicken since the bangus (milkfish) we need is not available. But later on my cousin was able to buy the bangus. We made the chocolate cake first except I don’t have a photo of it. We also had halo-halo for desserts. All spontaneous but it was really good because we worked on it together and we had good company.

hotpotHotpot – putting it all in, the vegetables, the crabstick and the fishballs

making of onion ringsMaking the onion rings by dipping it into the batter and deep-frying it.

relyenong bangus and onion ringsRelyenong Bangus, grilled veggies and Onion Rings

hotpotputting in the sate sauce, the beef that would make the soup tastier

mango smoothieMango Smoothie

The next day we baked Sansrival.

For the nuts, we roasted the nuts, cooking it in a pan without oil and tossed it till it’s good. The peeling was the hard part, separating the coating of the nuts and then chopping them. We had an assembly line in order to accomplish this.

whisking the egg whites

white and fluffy


sansrival layerThis came out quite nice for our first try except it got stuck in the wax paper. So this part took a bit more time for us, where we had to remove it manually. We cut this into four and then layered it alternating with the icing.

putting the icing

generously covering with nuts

more layering

 sansrivalThe finish product

I really enjoyed making this, it came out too sweet but definitely worth trying again. Thanks to my sis and cousins!



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