Cooking is fun!

Recently, we got the chance to cook and kind of tasked to prepare lunch and dinner, as our cook went on a vacation for about more than a week. I’m also taking up an online cooking class and we are assigned each week to cook a dish, like the first week it was a vegetable dish; the second week, it was balanced breakfast, and for the third week, we were asked to prepare a balanced dinner plate.

Stir Fried Mixed VeggiesStir-Fried Vegetables

Pork chop grilling Grilled Pork ChopGrilled Porkchop marinated in bulgogi sauce

fish fillet with buttered lemon sauce

Fish fillet cooked with butter and lemon sauce

steamed fish with asparagus

Fish Fillet with straw mushroom and asparagus

shepherd's pie

Shepherd’s Pie

One of our assignments was make a balanced breakfast that comprises of at least one fruit or vegetable, a source of grain, and protein. So I prepared sauteed zucchini with shiitake mushroom in onions and toasted whole wheat bread with a bit of butter, scrambled egg, a banana smoothie and banana.

balanced breakfast

Another breakfast menu I tried out was tuna melt sandwich, where I sauteed the hot and spicy tuna with onions and then set them aside, sandwiched the tuna in the whole wheat bread and put cheese and lettuce on top and toasted them.

tuna melt sandwich as requested by my sis

Tuna melt sandwich

I enjoyed preparing the dishes, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. I will be posting the next batch of cooking experience soon!


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