Another time, my self-control was tested. To restrain myself from butting in and relaying my thoughts, what I saw that happened, pushing them back down my throat so that I don’t utter the words. I had to endure the lies and the fabricated truths, or truths they had led themselves to believe hoping that other people would believe them too. Who are they trying to convince? I stop myself from saying something that would break the harmony, and end up asking myself, was that the right thing to do? Residing into silence and then struggling inside of me. Whew! It is tiring to know what really happened and listen to people gobble about how everything is well and how things should be but hearing in their voice that they’re running out of plausible reasons to say. Because in truth, they already have a hard time believing their own lies, or are afraid that the reasons they make up won’t suffice the explanations being asked from them. Some people do know the truth, deep inside their hearts they know, maybe that’s enough. Still, others pretend to listen to the lies and convince themselves to believe that.


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