Too much coffee

Coffee after 4 pm is a bad idea. I’m not having it after then unless I plan to stay awake later on. I got hungry so I bought a meal at Mcdo and had the drink changed to coffee which is just an additional Php10. Usually, coffee has no effect on me even when I already detoxified myself from my former cravings for coffee. Like my dad, I could sleep soundly upon consumption of coffee. I just have about an average of two cups a week, well except when we were on a tour last December where we had about three cups a day. Korea has a lot of coffee shop, and also buffet meals offer coffee too so yeah we just had to grab that cup. I guess what we drank were not too strong or just in small doses. But then the coffee shops offer big sizes or maybe it’s because my sister and I mostly shared a cup.

What happened this time that I had trouble sleeping that particular day I drank a cup of medium-sized brewed coffee? I felt really sleepy but I just couldn’t travel to dreamland. If I wasn’t feeling that way, I would’ve got up and read a book or grabbed my laptop and started writing. I don’t know how I finally got to rest. The conclusion though of that ordeal is not to have that cup early in the morning or early in the afternoon.


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