Noche Buena

It’s Christmas time, but we couldn’t feel much of the holiday rush probably because we’re busy working or doing a lot of things. The decors are not like the Halloween where everyone seems to bother to design every part of the area. The Christmas lights are out, but somehow the we pace and pace and didn’t really got the chance to pause. Being busy, and the line-up of activities, we end up bumping into Christmas. Good thing we had finished shopping the gifts early on. I unintentionally accepted a work which turned out to be really difficult and somehow require my 24 hour attention, which is impossible to do. I’m still working on it now, but having family commitment, I don’t have much time work on it. I even miss reading and writing.

Today is Noche Buena, as in our tradition, we would gather as family with our Grandparents and dine together. I would forget about my work at this time and just relinquish the time I have with family, the sharing of food, the stories and good cheer.

Have a Merry Noche Buena everyone!


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