It’s nice to take a walk in the morning or any time of the day, provided that you have a walkable city or place to freshen up your spirits. Even when the weather’s quite sunny, it’s always helpful to be able to stretch your muscles once in a while especially when living in a congested city that promotes a sedentary life. It’s hard to go out nowadays because of the condition of the streets, lots of unfinished road works, the traffic is bad, the PUVs driving madly, hot-tempered drivers, too many people living in the streets, begging alms or demanding to give them some penny, crime rates up, too much pollution in the environment (DOH is advising to take a bath twice a day according to my professor because of too much bacteria around us, and I guess lack of proper hygiene). I saw a commercial of a debate program where one was saying you can’t really go out now without being paranoid or be tensed while outside. Visiting the suburbs would be a good idea to insert in between if we get the chance to and at times to a place where you’d feel that you somehow could distance yourself from the hustle-bustle of the city life. There are cities like Marikina that promotes a walkable city and encourages people for a healthy and safe environment to live in, I hope our city could achieve something like that in the future.

You get to accomplish a lot when you have focus. So I occasionally would accompany my sister to her workplace and start scribbling or working on my translation at a café nearby. It’s nice to have a change of scenery. As I have read in a translation text book, you’d be a better translator if you prepare a cup of coffee or drink in front of you and start working on your desk. That portrays the readiness of the translator to center his or her attention to the work at hand, and refrain from standing up that adds to the amount of time loss which is supposed to be allotted for translating time as well as writing. So here I am finishing my post, and will shift to translation soon.


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