Today’s Breakfast

I helped prepared today’s breakfast:

Toast bread with seared apples

French toast with seared apples on top

We learned to cook this one upon watching a Chinese talk show (KangXiLaiLe) that is hosted by Xiao S and Cai Kang Yong. They had guests over who would be instructors of the recipes (blindfolded) to be prepared by another set of guests who don’t know how to cook the dish or haven’t tried it yet. I jot down how the instructor taught his apprentice of this particular dish. I enjoyed watching it, the instructor was very clear and direct, and the one making the dish easily follows through the directions.

Here’s the recipe:

80cc fresh milkWhole loaf of bread (make 8 halves)

Arrange in a non-stick pan (place one in the middle)

Pour in milk to let the bread absorb the milk

Bring it over a small heat

Beat three eggs.

Pour in the beaten egg to the bread.

Peel the apple.

Get a vegetable knife, cut into 12 slices

Use a spatula to separate the egg and the pan.

Place a plate on top of the pan, reverse the plate, the bread will be removed from the pan.

Put the sliced apple on the pan like the sun’s rays.

Use brown sugar (1 tbsp) and spread it on the apple.

Wait for it to boil (for bubbles to appear).

Get the bottle of honey, pour in five rounds of it on the apple.

Cook for a bit and it would be caramelized

Put back the cooked tasty bread on top of the apple

Use the spatula to press them together

Use the plate again to cover and reverse the pan.

Thank it’s done!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Grilled Cheese Sandwich
I looked up a recipe online before when we thought about making grilled cheese sandwich. I made it again this time and it’s a nice variety for our breakfast menu.


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