Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is a healthy color, refreshing to the eyes, and calming our nerves. I remember what my aunt said about grasping what you can take, resting your eyes upon the green fields, and immersing yourself in the green trees. The perfect way to relax and revitalize ourselves and take a break from the computers, gadgets and the hustle-bustle of city life. It’s not so often that we get the opportunity to be surrounded by trees, that you’ll be able to breathe fresh air instead of the smog that dominates our skies. Then there are green tomatoes, green tea (I really love to drink teas), and marche candies (my cousins introduced us to this, and it’s yummy).

I’m inspired to do another set of Green gallery, as there are ideas that came up but wasn’t able to capture photos of them yet. 🙂


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