The TV Factor

TLC’s Armando’s Asian Twist, Curtis Stone’s Take Home Chef, Anthony Bourdain’s Layover, Janet Lin and Jamie Oliver’s features. I like watching cooking shows, it’s quite inspiring and encouraging to cook and try out more new recipes and variations to the ones we are already cooking. Then there are also techniques and tips that you pick up along the way. We usually refer to recipe books or look for recipes online and follow through the instructions. Watching it being done on TV helped us realize that we were able to follow through the directions. As well as trying out the recipes we’ve researched and the end result is not bad for first-timers, it is encouraging that cooking is really possible even when we have not been trained since we were little or schooled in culinary arts. Learning by doing could be a lot of fun, that we put our heads together in completing a recipe and of course, enjoying the meal together.

I like watching Armando’s Twist because it offers a lot of variations to recipes, not the usual we get to eat in the restaurants. Also, because it always starts off with him visiting a place or county in Taiwan where he introduces the origin of the ingredients he is going to use for the particular episode. Like honey, tea leaves, poultry, fish, etc. After the food is ready, he is shown dining together with guests and gets a bit of their feedback. This kind of reminds me of how we prepare food and have guests (more on family) come to eat with us. Even though we are amateurs and almost always trying out new recipes, they dig in the food we prepare.

Then Take Home Chef comes afterwards, and I like the concept they did that Curtis Stone would approach someone in the supermarket and offer his cooking skills. Then if the person agrees, he helps buy the ingredients needed and goes home with them. The cooking starts and they have to keep watch when the husband or loved one is coming home to add in the surprise factor and of course to finish the dish on time.

Anthony Bourdain’s Layover is quite hectic in that he is given just about 48 hours to finish the whole trip and board the plane. I like his narration, the witty lines and interesting observations he has for the places he visits and the food he tries. This show takes us also to the behind the scenes of the travel, the wonderful treats as well as the exhaustion that draws on you.

Janet Lin is always on the go, energetic adventurer and nature lover. It is inspiring to watch her show as she explore different places, discovering and experiencing various culture and sights.

As a cook you have to learn to think quickly, improvise when you can, and according to the chefs, it comes with experience, the conjuring part of what to cook for specific occasions or depending on the likes of the people you are cooking for. Different cultures cross paths, the sharing of cuisines and enjoyment as well as debating about food, this is what I learned from Jamie Oliver’s feature during his stay in Italy.

This past month has been filled with TV shows, documentaries, mini movies and series, music videos and performances. And there’s more I’d like to see, I have to manage time wisely to keep up with my schedules.


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