Portion Cleanup

Yesterday, I shifted my focus on cleaning and organizing a portion of our room, so temporarily put on hold the translation work I have to do. I borrowed my brother’s Hydra vacuum and it really helped me sweep off the dusts without much flying around. I would have to schedule another cleanup for the other parts of the room. Some more clutters to sort and discard. And hopefully, could help sort out some things at our parent’s room as well. It’s been quite a late night for us these past few days, sleeping later than usual too. Good thing I don’t rely much on coffee nowadays to stay awake. But the cleanup gives off a quite refreshed feeling.

In the afternoon, we visited our cousin and has a fun time hanging out with their kids and playing with them. At times, you don’t need to go out to the mall, just spending time with family at home playing, puzzling, dining together could be a blast. We finished another puzzle which my sister and I would piece in some whenever we come to visit, which is a rare chance, that’s why it took a long time before it could be completed. They have more puzzles for us to piece, as well as the ones given to us.

Here’s the picture of the finished puzzle (as the case before, there is a missing piece, their 1000 puzzle is always 999):


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