So this is how our dimsum making came out:

Chopping, Mixing, placing the meat in the wanton paper, forming the dimsum, to steaming and cooking till dinner time.
This took up the whole day for us, with a very few in between breaks to rest. We started in the morning by chopping all the ingredients (mincing them), combining the mixture for the shrimp ball recipe, the filling for the siomai, the dumpling and the mandu. Then after lunch we resumed starting off with the wrapping of the siomai. We made shimp balls, pork siomai, dumplings, and mandu soup.

this is the first filling we’ve done

A Cantonese-style siomai with carrots, onion, waterchestnuts, green onioins/scallions and shiitake mushroom

squeezed tofu

this one is for the mandu filling

wrapper from Lingnam, very good quality of wrapper

wrapped siomai (we made about close to a hundred of those)

mandu folded this way for mandu soup

Had a lot of fun making dimsum with my cousins. It was indeed a fruitful weekend. First, we placed the siomai on the steamer to set them aside. Then our cousin started cutting up molo wrappers into strips to be used as coating for the shrimp ball. Then we had to deep fry those shrimp balls and at the same time cook the dumplings. Multi-tasking! After that, we head out to our Aunt’s house because it is better to cook the soup there where the dinner will be held. The heat there is quite slow and everyone is saying that it might not be able to be cooked on time. Good thing the fire caught up just in time, with the help of tsabisi’s cook, we were able to wrap things up more quickly with the soup since the guests are already arriving. When the base soup is ready, we dropped the mandu into the soup and let it cook. Had a bit of difficulty because the mandu already sticked into the plates we placed them. Next time, we should remember to put flour on the plate or put them in the refrigerator when we’re not about to cook them yet. Still, despite that, it didn’t break out in the soup.

Our grandmother gathered up our relatives together for dinner, which she scheduled on the day we are making dimsum. They also ordered take-out food. We got pretty tense upon seeing the people and with the siomai also on the menu list. People did enjoy the mandu soup, the siomai and the shrimp balls. It was our first try on these recipes. I enjoyed our dimsum making experience.


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