There are things left unsaid and forbidden to dislodge or even think about. And because we are not in the position, we are restrained. Our mind subdued to think otherwise or not think at all. Yet the eyes see, the ears hear, but we should endure. As we grow up, we are taught that we should abide to be able to fit in. I guess I don’t want to be strangled by myself, my mind wandering off to many things that I deem right but I have to fight it and let it go. Mediocrity is what eats us. Afraid to be the bad guy or play the bad cop, so we surrender. Then there would be times that we stepped up or at least relayed our part but still end up as if nothing has been said, ignored or subdued, so should the white flag be raised? At times they lie and wait for the right words to come out of our mouths, the words they’ve been waiting to hear, but you don’t utter them. And the same question is thrown and we wonder if this time we could just be silent or they blurt out the answers themselves.


2 thoughts on “Mediocrity

  1. When I was younger, I always speak my mind and always get in trouble. If something bad happened, people would assume that the idea that led to this bad thing was mine. Often, my siblings and I think the same thing and they would politely ask me to be the bearer of bad “opinions”, so that I’d be the “bad cop”. I was emotional back then, so I’d just say what pops to mind. Now, although I censor what I say, I still speak up if I have to, specially if I strongly believe in something. I realized a few things:
    1. I’d rather be my self and hated than NOT myself and be liked. And sometimes, there are people who liked me just as I am, and these people remained close to me until now.
    2. Honestly sometimes leads to arguments, but without argument, progress is impossible.

    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I agree, the ones who liked me knows me for who I am and it’s a good thing I still speak my mind even when my ideas might cross someone else’s or don’t align with their ideals. At times, already being repetitive of my answer, I realize I’m still responding, their brows might furrow, I still stand to what I believe in.

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