Spooky Halloween

I don’t know what’s it about this year’s Halloween, but this holiday has stretched out too long and too big of a celebration. I’m not fond of Halloween especially when they overdo it. Aside from the decorations associated with the occasion like  zombies, witches, scream masks, skeletons, pumpkins, witch hats, etc., the salesperson inside the mall had make-up on that resembled zombies, blood on their faces, scary eyeshadows, that would practically creep out people. Well, at least we were, dad even said let’s go out and that he’s not going to buy things from them. It’s like the place is infiltrated with zombies. There were also many kids with pumpkin baskets and in costumes going store to store for trick or treats (though it’s just actually for treats) with their parents. Suddenly, the whole place is filled with kids. My cousin said that on the way home yesterday, they passed by a whole street celebrating Halloween and even played eerie music. Today, we also visited the mall and the place is also full of kids in costumes, dragged by their parents to drop in every store that participated in this trick-or-treat event. People were also dressed in zombies, with bruises and black-eye. Last Monday, I stayed in a cafe to work on  my translation job. And they had this music inserts in the background of evil laughs or ghostly sounds, good thing I had my earphones on and the music I’m listening to is really good contrast to that.

This photo below was the costume I wore when we had a play back in High School which led to an epic play and character studded one. And every Halloween, this character seem to appear anywhere.


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