Happy 14th birthday to Google (9/27)

Back in the days when searches were slow, uncategorized and limited or too broad, we had to frequent the library to gather information we need. Thanks to Google for refining the search engine, sharing knowledge, continued developments, and R&Ds that paved the way for opening up vast possibilities. While working on our thesis then, I had to go to the archives section and flip old newspapers to find the articles about our topic. I have also collected some magazines and newspapers and had to cut them out to include in our RRLs or appendix. Then I remember using Yahoo! Search engine and typically hit every page of the search results to gather the details I need. I also used this for my professor’s research while I was a research assistant and to be able to effectively gather all that there is we can find out about the research topics and gather the vital points, I had to scan every page. But Google has helped optimize the search, made finding out information more effective and faster. If you want to find out about something you can simply ‘Google it’. And it provided a lot of knowledge and detailed outline of what you are looking for. Right now, Wikipedia too has a lot of comprehensive information about many topics. Before, our professors doesn’t recommend including Wikipedia articles in the RRL or relying on it for information. But now, they are the ones endorsing the articles, of course, with due additional research and referring to the references offered as well at the bottom of the article. The sharing of knowledge evolved and more opportunities emerged. Learning also became something that people sought for because there are many available information online. At times though, we have to manage our time really well, and control or balance the use of the internet in the middle of our work or studies, because there are many worlds and stories out there that we could discover and could easily distract us from our current deadlines. We used to just imagine how nice it would be to have electronic readings or texts that we can highlight and search and swiftly be taken to that page, unlike flipping a book where you have to put post-its to find out what you are looking for. It’s amazing how technology improved over time.


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