Something really new (or old)

As I was organizing the groceries in my parent’s room, I saw a lot of things that could  be given away but we hesitate along the way, that’s why we keep them hidden, or try to keep them till one day we might find good use of them. But most of the time, when that day comes, it is no longer usable, either expired or we would realize that we don’t really need that after all. Then there are a lot of used bottles, stirrers, cups, papers, magazines, clothes and other things that are being collected for future use and end up taking up a lot of spaces, displayed and gathering up dusts. It sometimes begins with feeling it would be such a waste to throw certain things away. Then before you can even notice it, you have started hoarding a few stuffs that eventually build up to many things.

As I was sorting some things, I realized that we have do have a lot of things that we couldn’t get ourselves to throw away. Sometimes it just happens to be something new but already really old if you count the years it was kept untouched. It falls into the category of something new just because it hasn’t been used yet. My aunt said she doesn’t have to buy more things anymore, because she has a lot more that wasn’t opened yet, gifts and prizes.

I myself am guilty of this. I have some things and gifts that I haven’t used. And when I look at them now, I hope I can do something about them, either use them or give them away. It’s a good thing that I’m not one to want things or I would have a lot more to keep. There are also things that we thought we wanted but once we possessed them, cashed out on them, we left them lying around the house after spending little time using them. We got quite busy with work or other things that we don’t have the chance to deal with them anymore or even to set aside a little time to organize, sort and discard. I really have to insert cleaning to my to-do list, a few portions everyday or a general cleanup would do.




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