Sticky Notes

If you’re wondering what’s that photo above, they are mochi ice cream balls that we made last last weekend with our cousins. It was a fun time even when all our hands became sticky with the rice flour dough we end up with. We didn’t have much time left, have a dinner to attend to and the ice cream didn’t harden save for a tray. Trying our best to quickly place the ice cream and wrap it with the sticky rice flour. We learned that we could lessen the sugar we put, and make some adjustments from the presentation we viewed. And that you have to have a really solid ice cream to fill the mochi balls.

You can also make smaller pieces for the wrappings instead of kneading the whole thing and then trying to cut out with a bowl some small circles from it. Also, remember to put some or a lot of cornstarch on your work area, your hands and the rolling pin. This way, we could prevent it from sticking or plucking a hole on the wrapper/coating. We didn’t get to do how it was demonstrated on the video but we got the hang of it thanks to tsabisi and my sis’ kneading skills. My cousins completed the other mochi balls and made sure that it reached us for tasting.

Somehow it looked like siao long bao as I was informed, and true enough it does. Mom also tried one, the green tea filling, and said that they looked like siopao. I had a vanilla/pastillas filling one.

We have some more extra rice flour and hope to do this again some other time, also we discovered that the coating is actually the ones that our mom buys at Diao Eng Chay when there are special dates to commemorate. We hope to do some of that too.


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