Traffic Trap

We traveled for about two hours towards our destination then another two hours going home which normally takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour drive. Caught in the middle of traffic even when the advisory on the board tells us to take alternate route because there’s heavy traffic thereon, we weren’t able to do so because that’s the way we are headed and the vehicles are jam-packed. So there, we endured the traffic and hoped to get to our destination soon. On the way home, we took a different route (No way we are going back the way we came from), which was fine at first, running really smoothly because we’re ahead of the rush hour time. But then we’d reach a part where the traffic slows down and had to wait again. Dad had to drive for more than four hours straight (and we’re not even living out of town). I got the chance to read the supplement reference I got for translation. Good thing I asked my sister to buy us some snack – french fries and twister fries, which I was informed that I was gulping down oil into my system (not that I don’t know that yet). I drank tea afterwards feeling a lot better or psyching myself up. We are meeting our mom and our brother for a supposedly early dinner and we’re running late. Usually, we get to arrive home at 5-530pm. This time we arrived past 7pm. There were some more battlenecks we had to go through before we could reach the meeting place. It was nice that I have my camera with me. So I was able to snap a bit of photos and also share of some I had taken of my niece earlier to my dad and sis. In between, I saw a lot of different cars on the road, including the really expensive ones which are already quite many on the road that you’d begin to wonder that it’s not really that rare to see anymore. The problem with the traffic scene can be voiced out in so many ways. The roads are rocky and have a bumpy feel, many streets are under construction or in the process of pipe-laying, the public utility vehicles like buses, jeepneys, taxi, megataxi stop anywhere they like and swerve anytime they wish to; motorcyles and pedestrians surprise you on your blind spots so better be really skilled to hit on the breaks just in time, the stray cats and dogs, and sometimes hens suddenly come out of nowhere. I won’t start on the traffic enforcers anymore.. The rule might be, be sure to stop and let everyone pass. After dinner, we drove our sister to meet with her friends and on the way home, we got hindered by the road blockages because of fiesta. The thing is, here you could just close down a road for a festivity without informing the people living in the area or for the knowledge of the ones passing by. We rerouted and entered one way streets and end up being frowned upon by many people. So why close the roads in the first place? Already used up a lot of gas because of the traffic. Finally, we reached home. Even though the travel was long, the important thing is we’re safe and sound.


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