It’s the “ber” months, countdown has begun on the different news shows till Christmas time. The breeze has not cooled yet, and they said that we’d still experience hot weather.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I enjoyed the first part of our Christmas shopping. That was quite early, but it’s a rare chance we get to go out and “ber” months have already begun. Upon entering National Book Store, we saw the contrast of the decorations and displays, where there are halloween costumes, masks and hats for the end of October, then just a few steps away, there are candles for November’s All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. Then there are Christmas trees, lights, a life-sized Santa Claus on the entrance, some snowman, etc. I remember watching a show on TLC where the host said something about the Philippines celebration of Christmas stretches through the “ber” months or the whole of December.

To start off, the moment we arrived, I got a bit hungry, so we bought barbecue flavored fries from Potato Corner, which is something we missed. We used to eat this as our cousin would usually take us to eat or go to movies together. It still tastes the same (well, it’s just fries and some bbq powder) but they added a lot to their menu. We had Big Chill watermelon cooler, avocado is already out of season, but we hoped to have that drink. We had lunch at Italiannis, having Aglio olio and Pork Chop. And had some coffee before we wrapped things up. We ended buying some birthday gifts, some for Christmas and of course, my colored papers for origami. I just need to complete a few on my lists since for the remaining, I plan to do handcrafted gifts which hopefully I can accomplish soon enough. Excited for the next part of our Christmas shopping.


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