the good and the bad

In an episode of Vampire Diaries:

Elena said to Damon, “Why don’t you let the people see the good in you?”

Damon replied, “When people see good, they expect good. And I don’t wanna live up to anyone’s expectations.” (from the Episode “Heart of Darkness”)

I somehow can relate to this, but it’s just these years that I have thought about this. It’s hard sometimes because they expect a lot, you can’t be a mediocre when it comes to being good. They want you to be as they expect you to be. While they can conjure many reasons why others are behaving a certain way, I have to aim higher, and be obedient at all times. They don’t need to perform really well, but I have to be as I am regardless of the circumstances. Then again, maybe being myself is more carefree and just have to mind less of a lot of things.


3 thoughts on “the good and the bad

  1. it’s hard not to think about other people’s opinion, but it’s stressful to always think about that, so live life hahaha

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