Uncle Cheffy

My brother treated us to Uncle Cheffy’s. We availed the promo then to order at least 4,000 and could get 40% discount (if I remember it right). So thus the festivity began…

We ordered their brick-oven pizza, which is similar to Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla but a lot cheaper. You put some veggies in the middle, roll it over and eat it.

We also ordered their fish platter that surprisingly comes with this rice. And we thought about how could we finish this one when we have other orders too. But then when you eat the grilled fish with the rice, it’s the perfect match (or we’re just really rice lovers). So we end up nearly finishing the rice too.

The fish is really good. They have tuna belly, dory, grouper and salmon, which at first we are trying to figure out which is which but later on didn’t mind anymore. The dory and salmon are easy to pinpoint.

Their chicken is quite big too but the sauce is nice.

The steak is really tasty and tender, the sauce is nice too. Oh, and dad also ordered for lechon which I wasn’t able to take a photo of. Both dishes come with marble potatoes on the side.

Beverages are not included, so in the end, my brother ordered some desserts (almost one of each of the menu of the desserts they offer). The server recommended some for him. He was told that they undergo training and food tasting. They have some session where they have to eat all the dishes they offer, so they are familiar with the desserts as well. He doesn’t recommend the sugar-free cheesecake but the others are good. I liked the creme brulee because it tastes just right and their cake with mango ice cream in the middle (I don’t know what it’s called). I’m not very fond of desserts, but this was nice to seal our meal. We each helped finish the desserts with only a little left to take home. For drinks, I had dalandan juice which is quite cooling too.

That was a very full meal. We finished almost everything except a piece of chicken, a few pieces of fish, and some rice. It was worth it.


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