We had dinner at Sumosam. Recalling it, the couple of times we went to Edsa Shangri-la Plaza, we ate at Sumosam. Right now, we’ve already tried out three branches.

Their food is good but quite expensive. This time we ordered these:

And this dish is called The Last Samurai, we don’t know why is that. But it’s chicken wings and fries. We were able to finish everything except this one, so we just asked them to wrap this for us and the next day my sister and I had it for breakfast.

The service is good, the waiters quick to observe what the customers need. Like the lady who left her umbrella, the waiter quickly grabbed it and chased her. When there was a fly flying around our food, the waiter lighted a candle and placed it on our table. Then they also have the mosquito swatter. Arigato for the food 🙂


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