folding diversion

In between working on my translation, I tried to look for sites for origami instructions and found a handful. While trying to fold the models I picked, I realized that I had a hard time in contrast to the very last time I did origami. So I wondered if my ability to comprehend the instructions diminished or the ones that I chose were difficult. I will continue to work on the origami though because that’s my diversion to rest my hand and mind (Ok, technically I’m still using both faculties here, folding using my hands and exercising my brain juices). Still, it’s a big diversion to the task that I have to do. I end up spending more time in one origami than I thought I would (which I should control). It is fun though, folding the papers and seeing the outcome. I’m truly amazed at how people developed different designs from just folding the paper, and I even read that origami is something that you pop up something with just using one piece of paper without cutting. There are also modular models and origami that needs more papers, but the output is really impressive! During the weekend, I hope not to forget to buy and replenish my origami papers. Origami, here I come!


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