Primetime Teledramas/Teleserye

My friend asked me to tune in to their new drama series, “Aso ni San Roque”, so when I get the chance I would drop by our local TV stations to watch. This story revolves around a little girl who was born blind and lives in a quarter with kids and people imprisoned by a group of syndicate. Children are being pushed around to beg for alms, steal, etc and give back to the leaders of the syndicate. This is also a fantaserye, where they included the power of saints in the guise of the dog and supernatural creatures of the underworld as well as witches. It turns out that there are many commercial breaks, that didn’t change much from the times that I watched local TV before, the length of the show is very much shortened, while the commercial runs very long. So I got to flip the channels to different stations in between. My sister and I shared some comic relief while watching the local dramas. I don’t know if that’s the effect when it’s been a long time since we’ve watched. Mostly, we watch Asian and Western dramas. We can already predict the lines that will be uttered or transform the conversations to be more interesting in our dramas, but nonetheless, I look forward to watching this new drama. I think Filipino values and the realities of life are portrayed in this show. I just hope the scenes won’t be that choppy because of the commercial breaks, but then that’s how they earn money through advertisements.

I do like the presentation of GMA as they portrayed the upcoming shows, where they poured their efforts in showcasing the teledramas. Also, showing advertisements that encompass values, the ad series ones. I’m also amazed that I’m able to recognize a lot of veteran artists fused with new artists. Some of the titles that I came across were Luna Blanca (starring Bianca King, Heart Evanghelista, Christopher de Leon, Carmi Martin, etc), One True Love (with a small caption: Never Ends) (with Jean Garcia, Raymond Bagatsing, Alden Richards and new artists), ABS-CBN’s teleserye The Princess and I, Kahit Puso’y Masugatan (starring Jake Cuenca, Iza Calzado, Andi Eigenmann, Gabby Concepcion), Lorenzo’s Time (Zaijian Jaranilla, Carmina Villaroel), etc.

What did change I think is that they learned to find an ending to the dramas, and that’s why they are able to feature one title after the other. Unlike before, when you’re trying to expect the ending to happen soon. the story stretches on till the villain has exhausted all efforts to topple down the hero. The storylines are quite the same, revolving around a protagonist being mistreated by the antagonists. But I guess right now, they are more willing to experiment, to try out different themes and include what is happening to the society, also being influenced by the canned shows.

Upcoming shows are: Coffee Prince (starring Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal) and Temptation of Wife (starring Marian Rivera) both are Philippine versions of the Korean dramas, Haram (starring Dingdong Dantes).


2 thoughts on “Primetime Teledramas/Teleserye

  1. Yup, that’s why it’s been a long time since we watched the local dramas. We practically laughed at some parts of some shows which we didn’t intent to because they are supposed to be soap operas/dramatic scenes.

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