The Silent Trap

I’ve mastered the skill of silence or I was born with it. Not permitted to say things they don’t agree with, so picked up the technique of keeping everything to myself, all the lies, the fears and smears. Swallow them down. Stay as you were before, obedient and kind, not given the chance to say your piece. Till later, you’d be able to weigh what’s appropriate and what’s not. Deny everything. Overlook the things you see. Things should be clearcut and yet bleak. Is that what growing up means – learning to steer the thoughts and ideas by carefully stating some of it but dropping other details along the way? So when asked, I stop to myself and ponder on what I would say, and realized that I’m involuntarily nodding, the words remain in my head and I don’t utter them. Words could be like knives or weapons, so we should be careful with what we say. Arguments would arise and misunderstandings would be kept embedded. Being silent, we end up getting hurt by what other people say. At some point, we think of retaliating, but then restrain ourselves. Many times, we are discouraged to say our side of the story, because we tried and ended up being doubted most of the time. So I’ll just rest my case.

Chances are people believe the things they see, and won’t hear the other side until they personally witness it. They won’t acknowledge what you say if they already have their own view on things, and yet they force you to see things they way they do. Dismissing it too quickly as if they didn’t heard you. At times, we just need a little acknowledgement that they listened; we don’t really crave for agreement. If you were asked a question and you answered something they didn’t hope to hear, it’s better to remain silent. If you didn’t give a response, they’d grill y0u for not providing your opinion. In the end, it’s a trap, more leaning towards being silent.


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