Taiwan Movies

Hear Me. All her life Yang Yang (played by Chen Yi Han) has been taking care of her deaf sister (played by Chen Yan Xi), so she became swift in communicating with deaf people. Her sister participates in the swimming training for the Olympics for the deaf. Yang Yang comes in every training and before that she would go out to work multiple jobs to earn money. Their father entrusted to her the care for her sister. Then one day, Tian Guo (played by Eddie Peng) delivered food to the swimming training grounds. He met Yang Yang there and thought she was deaf got to know her, but he didn’t find out until later when they met face to face with his parents. Yang Yang encouraged by her sister that she can live her life too and doesn’t have to think about her all the time. In the last part of the movie, Yang Yang and Tian Guo is shown cheering for the sister and she wins the competition. This is a movie dedicated to the deaf.

Jump Ashin! This is a story about A-shin who is a gymnast player but because his mother one day went to the coach and told him that her son has uneven legs, he was told to stop going to training. His mother asked him to help out in their fruit store instead. He gets involved with gang fights with his group of friends. This was set back in the days when pagers/beepers were used as communication. He calls in the operator which is his friend and takes this opportunity to talk to her. I remember the time when mobile phones were not prevalent and advanced yet. I saw my parents use this really big phones where you can just dial and phone someone. They also had a pager then. You call and talk to the operator and leave a message, so the operator knows whatever message you wanted to send. You call in to know if you have new messages and the operator relates that. I remember my cousin who is a doctor being paged for emergencies by reading her beeper once it beeps. Unlike nowadays that we can just text our message and the person receives it almost instantly. You can also leave voicemail now and the person can hear the personal message left.

In a memory, A-shin stands upside down with a friend, “Dad said, if you propped upside down and then cry, the tears won’t fall.” One other series mentions this.

The dad of the gangster they crossed met with him and asked in exchange of not killing him off, he has to get a gold medal in the competition. His friend already got involved into a mishap. It turns out that this dad is the friend of the trainer of the national team. Towards the end of the film, Ashin calls again to speak with his operator friend but she is no longer there but left a message for him. Later, the girl is on a wheelchair went to where the competition was held and told Ashin, ‘jia you’. On one scene before, she mentioned that she used to be a swimmer too but wasn’t able to continue. He didn’t know that that was her. He achieved what he came for and won the medal.


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