This time, I was able to utilize the gifts given to me for my birthday. The bag that my sister bought me. Read the book that my professor gave me, haven’t read the last one though. Wore the pair of earrings that another professor gave me. Listened to the Paul Pott’s CD my prof gave me. I know what it’s like to give gifts and hoping that it would be useful for the other person and that they’d like it. Also, pondering about what kind of gift we could share that would prove memorable even for just a time being.

I’ve found my stash of CDs back in the days when I got the chance to buy some OPM music, my cousin bought some of these for me. And I realized that I’ve just listened to the CDs either just once or never really got the chance to play them at all with the advent of MP3 players. So these will make the list. I’ll insert them while we are on the road, probably the best chance I can get to listen to music, when stuck in traffic.

Somehow, we get a lot of things hanging in the air, or kept in our closets and we tell ourselves we will use them when the time comes, or read the book when we’re not busy anymore. Sometimes, we don’t get to find a sense of an ending in the things we possess, just that they get piled up or kept away until one day we suddenly stumble into them or remember that we have something like that. But it is quite fulfilling to be able to accomplish even just a few from our list one day at a time. And yes, to use the things we have the moment we get the opportunity.


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