Needles and threads

While watching 天涯织女, there was a scene where General Lin Mu Fei helped his mother to insert threads in the needle before he left for battle to defend their country and people. Every male in their family died in battle serving the country, and General Lin is the only one left in their family. His mother was reluctant to let him go but he was persistent in honoring his country while not forgetting to observe filial piety too towards his mother. He went to see her before proceeding to the battle grounds. Then in another scene while sewing, the lead female character finished the weaving of clothes for General Lin that the mother was not able to accomplish. She noticed the pin cushion pushed with needles and threads laced out from the needle holes. She replenished the needles with threads.

串线. 一个一个的将线串针

I remember seeing my grandmother sewing many times and helped her do the same thing. At first I was afraid in handling the needles for fear that I might prick myself, but she reminded me that you just have to know how to work with it and it won’t be scary at all. Her eyes had difficulty seeing because of old age, but she loved to weave, to patch broken holes in our clothes. The times I put the the thread in the needle so that it would be easier for Amah enabled me to overcome my fear of needles. My grandma and aunt taught us how to care for our clothing, to cut the loose ends once you spot them, sew up the torn part or else the hole might get bigger. The pin cushion she had was filled with needles of different sizes.

Every time we would see our grandmother inspecting the clothes to do so patchworks or sewing shorts, pillowcases, and other things, I think that helped a lot when we had our Home Economics subject where we had to sew an apron and shorts. Right now, I can sew up the holes in my clothes. I can handle needles well now just not the ones that comes with an injection 😛



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