Smoky Air

The fire that started yesterday in Tutuban Mall at around 12:41 AM has not yet been put out. The fabrics and other products helped fueled the spreading of the fire. They raised the alarm yesterday to Task Force Charlie which according to the news implies that they need response from the firemen and firetrucks around the whole Manila area.

From yesterday till today, we’ve been inhaling smoky air as the wind blows the smoke towards our direction. It is not easy to endure already being far from the scene. It’s also not comfortable for the eyes, because it’s a bit hazy. Until now we hear the siren wailing nonstop one after the other. I’m doing my translation work while accumulating taking in the smoke.

The firefighters lacked oxygen and according to reports they had difficulty putting out the fire because the stalls were padlocked and there is practically zero vicinity because of the smoke. They needed more men to alternate due to the lack of oxygen. I hope they could completely put out the fire soon.

There might be conspiracies behind the start of the fire that’s been passed around. I hope that’s not true because a lot of resources are at stake here, plus the fire volunteers who have risked their lives to resolve the fire.

I grew up hearing the sound of the siren, and I never liked it because it means some house is burning, but I am grateful that we are surrounded by firefighters who help keep the neighborhood safe.




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