Ark Avilon Zoo Visit

Visited the Ark Avilon zoo upon the invitation of my brother. My niece slept almost the half time we were there since she was very active in the car. And I guess she is quite young to be interested in animals. We saw a very huge white tiger there, sharing the place with another tiger. A lioness and a hyena were sleeping. Jenny the orangutan is there ready to take photographs with people. There were a lot of bird species, parrots, and some eagles. The Palawan Bearcat, A smelly porcupine, a big iguana, a lot of guinea pigs, two rabbits (I counted among the crowd of guinea pigs), gerbil, goats, sheep, a donkey, owls, monitor lizards, peacocks, crocodile, etc.

We were about to leave when the guard called out to stop us and inform that the snake is already out. My brother took a photo with that, and given the chance to carry it over my shoulders, I declined. I’d rather see it and if I remember it right, I got the chance to feel the skin of the snake before, and that is enough for me.

The place was small, about two decks, but designed as an ark. I haven’t gotten the chance to go to Avillon Zoo in Rizal yet which they say features different types of animals, some quite weird breed and the zoo is a lot larger.

I don’t have any photos to share since my cam was not with me at that time 🙂

But you can check out their website:


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