Yoga Lin

When Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) took the centerstage, people noticed him, his voice seemed magical, captivating the hearts of the audience. He is known for popularizing the song “你是我的眼” and because of that the album was brought back to the record bars which already stopped producing years back. Xiao Huang Qi was recognized again and released a new album. Yoga is also persistent in his love for music that’s why during the competition, he sang songs he really liked, the ones he wanted to let others hear about because he thinks they are great music. These songs are the ones the judges often branded as not on the mainstream or 冷門 like “The Creep” by Radiohead. The songs he selected and introduced to people proved to be wonderful songs also because of his performance that drew people in.

In his song 感同身受, it was depicted how similar we all are, that we go through the same feelings and if many people are lonely then no one is truly lonely.

Then in the song 耳朵, we are reminded that once we lack listening, we would only see the things that we are afraid of. It is important to lend an ear to what others have to say.

I also like listening to 另一個自己. Both talk about the journey of oneself, reminding us not to lose who we are in the first place.

唐人街 is a nice track, quite fun to listen to.

His voice is often described as mystical and magical, able to move others. The songs included in his album are also very inspiring and each one has a story to tell. And the songs he chooses to sing during concerts and shows are those that he really thinks are songs worth sharing to the people, then he has the capacity to make them his own – a signature marked by his voice. I once saw a clip of Eason Chan singing one of Yoga’s songs, 说谎Shuo Huang.  I think Yoga would be overjoyed at that. He loves Eason and his songs.

Yoga Lin released his third album. He looks different than before. He experienced a bit of setbacks before this album. But in the process he got to move around and join other music lovers who are not in the limelight. I like his new album entitled, 美妙生活. His new album has increased in depth in terms of the struggle of the individual in this life. I think his experiences have contributed a lot in what he wanted to show in his album. 想自由, 紀念品, 不換, 擁有 and 早開的晚霞 are my favourites from this album, though I don’t get tired repeating all the songs again and again.

Once again, we are serenaded by Yoga Lin’s magical voice. CD1 covers his new tracks and CD2 covers his live audio tracks. Watching him sing lost into his own world, you’d definitely be immersed into his music. This is another breakthrough for Chinese music. 宥嘉加油!


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