This past July, we’ve been eating a lot. Exploring different food and restaurants thanks to our cousin dyenipure. It was a lot of fun eating at the same time we got really full in between. She introduced to us Nomnomnom, and enjoyed their stuffed tomatoes with kangkong and cheese inside, a bowl of Nachos with cheese and garlic dip and salsa, and an order of their Nomnomnom pizza which has tilapia flakes and onion topping. We decided to eat light as preparation for the Mercato trip this evening. Were it not for the rain, it would have been a better trip. We still chose some food to eat/take home as we decided to eat them on the way home or when we arrive there. The rain really poured on. We imagined it to be somewhat like the NBC tent where it is enclosed, that even if it rained it won’t matter much except getting there.

Before dinner, we visited my cousin’s friend’s soft opening of their Milk tea shop Superduck located at a condominium across Robinson’s Galleria. Their milk tea is really good. We ended up trying out different milk teas they offer. Though we had a hard time finishing the taro milk tea we ordered, because we were quite full, already eating all day and with the samples they let us taste. Their oolong milk tea is good, if I tasted it earlier, I would’ve ordered that.

We thought about how we could have done this earlier on, during our college years or earlier. We could have made a lot of adventures, visited different places, explore different food adventures… Yes, we agreed on that,  the bottom line it’s food.

We had lunch at Chocolate Kiss Cafe where the food is quite good and the Iced tea was very much recommended by my cousin. It is good, real tea plus some syrup that we can add. We also ordered two slices of cake, one the Devil’s kiss cake if I remember it right.

There’s always something interesting that comes up when you’re together with the people you know. Looking forward to our next food adventure.


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