Rain, rain go away…

The rain kept pouring, the wind too strong, it’s as if the typhoon has no plans to leave yet. Yesterday, classes was suspended too late that people were already in school for class. Plans have been cancelled or rescheduled because of the rain. The streets are easily flooded especially with continuous downpour. People worked their way to reach their destination only to find that the classes were cancelled.

The security guards were clearing the campus the moment the announcement was passed around. We were just given an hour to finish the task we have to do and we’re asked to leave. We also just have one hour to wait inside the schoolgrounds. Students coming in the gates were not allowed to come in anymore, even when they requested to just pass inside to get to the other end of campus and go out that exit. We understand that they want everything out of the school because of the suspension and encouraging everyone to go home. But I remember the waiting we had to endure during typhoons like this when they don’t want to suspend classes earlier on. College students after all share the waterproof level that office employees obtain. Despite the obvious reasons of flooded roads, you had to wait for the announcement of a raised signal that is suited for the College level. We were asked to leave the campus then, wait outside, find a place to wait the rain out so we found a little restaurant. With the traffic and flooded streets, we got held up there for about three hours. They could provide a shuttle during times like these, or at least let the students wait inside the school till they get to go home. If they are after the safety of the students, they could at least provide shelter.

The wind wails and the door kept on banging. It is rainy and windy, then the sun would peek in, and then rainy again. My cousin said, the weather is bipolar these days.

Dad and I joked about the typhoon already overstaying, that the Bureau of immigration should already deport it. He said that it won’t leave because It’s more fun in the Philippines. Meanwhile, countries like Taiwan and China are already preparing for the coming typhoon even before it’s movement got delayed a bit. Anyway, it’s going to go away soon. Just hope it won’t get too strong for them, because the amount of rainfall they get compared to us is too much of a difference.


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