In perspective

I’m grateful to God for giving me a grateful heart, for teaching me to see the good side of things as well as the blurry or pixelated ones.

…for the blessing of relatives and friends, for the love they pour out and for simply being there.

Contentment is something I learned from Amah and dad, once you are satisfied, you’d be happy and feel fulfilled. God has bestowed to us many blessings and that is enough. At every curve we try to turn, it won’t always be perfect but we get to hang in there and be shaped according to His will.

Recently, I had done a lot of thinking. I’m glad how things turned out. Slowly, things are falling into place, just like what my mentor said, do not go against the tide; just let the pieces fall into their place. I no longer feel heavy inside. In fact, I’m beginning to see the portrait that God is painting. And I feel overwhelmed after that realization.

I saw how my professors are struggling with problems in the family, mostly health problems and that’s not easy, or struggling with the inner self due to the circumstances that we don’t have any control over. I would be reminded every time of how lucky it is to be young, talking to elders have a tendency to lead to that and I would reply that it is not about age (but I guess yeah a lot of things can be done when you are young and a lot of don’ts sprung up when you get older). I would hear a round of ‘When I was your age…’ or ‘At my age you would experience…I tell you that it’s for a fact.’ As if being young equates to being invincible; but I try to stress the fact that it doesn’t necessarily mean that. I would say that it’s about having a healthier lifestyle, though I understand that there are a lot of limitations that our body would only permit us to do. I’m glad that somehow our medicines are helping them. When talking about senior moments, I’d say we also have our junior moments, and yes we are already forgetful right now, imagine the difference when they say that ‘when we are at your age, we could memorize all the numbers in our phonebook…’ But it is nice to be able to hear them share and at the same time listen to my views as well.

Sometimes you just have to let your thoughts be optimistic and that you’d be able to stand through against the storm you’re facing. Fears dwell in our hearts and it is hard to battle with them. And you’d see families sticking together to fight the war together or simply to lean on each other.

With all that’s happened, I’m grateful for the chance to stay together as a family in one roof. I want to relish the chance to share our experiences together. 热热闹闹也蛮有趣的。

After reading also some entries by Wu Qing Kang, I somehow share some of his views about family and life. Also after reading some devotional books and remembering God’s words, I saw how He has looked after us. Then reading books like ‘The Miracle: The Epic Story of Asia’s Quest for Wealth’ drove me to a lot of inspiration and shifting perspectives. Things might not go as how we expected them to be, but almost always it gets better. Things could be restored back to normal.

In writing my short stories, I get to reflect a lot about life and how important it is to cherish the blessings we have, that our loved ones are doing fine, healthy and safe. Sometimes, there are things that don’t matter anymore, and you’d find yourself free.

There are a lot of things that I have yet to learn, but in the years of my existence, I am thankful that God helped me learn many lessons and to appreciate His grace. “A year older, a year wiser.” – I attribute this to my cousin who reminded as to ask ourselves this and I can answer it with a ‘Yes, I am’. We don’t have to make sense of everything, but we’ll see a bigger picture once we stand back and watch.

I’m thankful for the life He gave…


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