Don’t forget


I was able to finish two stories and submit them just before the deadline. I’m grateful for the support I get to write the story. My cousin congratulated me and wanted to celebrate. She has been really supportive of my writing. Glad to be able to catch up with them even for just a while over coffee and snack.

And reading this quote below from a book I’m reading that says,

“所以我把有能力从事文字创作当成是我最大的财富,一旦有一天记忆渐渐衰退,至少有白纸黑字记载我曾经拥有过的快乐和不快乐。” -吴庆康

…reminded me that it is a good thing to be able to write my insights, thoughts and stories. It is a blessing to record events in my life or interesting stories that I can pick up along the way.


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