Danger Zone

I did an uppercut as if I have knowledge of kung fu or I’m in a Street Fighter game. That was after I hit my shoulders while opening my closet. Now, medicine should be applied on the part where I hit myself and it hurts every time. But I can manage the pain. I just hope it doesn’t gets worse (like a fracture or something else). I must need a sign to remind myself to be mindful always and not hit the doors or walls, or a danger sign to keep people from nudging the injured parts. Have to be extra extra careful this time. Just like when I slid the other time in the spiral staircase at school, that when my cousin when touring the campus asked me where I slipped and nearly fell. So I pointed the staircase when we arrived at that building. After that, I was really careful in moving around or bumping into things, but then again, even when I was careful I still got hit then during our delivery when Dad and I carried the goods. I will try to keep my steps and movements aright.


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