Fan meeting

It was my first time to experience a fan meeting. Yesterday, I tagged along my cousin and her kids to MoA. I replied to her text, I want I want because I’d really like to see them after a long time we didn’t spend time together. I am familiar with the news that there were U.S. stars visiting the country for different purposes. There were a lot of people and even before we reached the place where the event is being held, we already heard the screaming. My niece and her friends already rushed to the venue. My nephews had other things on their mind and was looking forward to what they are fond of. The meeting was held at MoA, outside Penshoppe where they put up a stage. I might say it is quite a strategic location, in that when Ian Somelhalder had to exit with his body guards/local security, they used the stairs going to second floor. We saw them running upstairs, but didn’t know what happened after that. We end up buying something from Penshoppe since my niece and her friends were the ones who went into the crowd, and my aunt opted to stay inside the store. We still had a clear view of Ian there. My niece definitely had an unforgettable one.  I don’t really go out my way to meet stars that I like, seeing them on TV or hearing news about them is enough, but to experience it first-hand is quite nice to sans the screaming where you could barely hear anything. Given the chance, I’d like to meet some Chinese singers and artists too.

As for our local brands like Penshoppe and Bench, I’m happy that the companies go out their way to promote the brands and hold events that people can participate. I do like our brands and the quality of the products.

After leaving my nephews to play, my cousin, my aunt and I, ate at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and had a nice chat. I’ve visited a branch of this at Singapore before. The place is quite spacious, but the food is quite expensive. Each of us ordered a drink, it was okay but not up to our taste. After the long chat, we all stood up and headed for the door. The waiter thanked us for dining. Halfway to the door, we realized, WAIT! WE haven’t paid our bill yet. So we returned all the way back to our seats and told the waiter we haven’t asked for the bill yet. Hahaha! Good thing we haven’t stepped out the restaurant yet.


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