Adopt a Panda

Saw this ad while browsing a magazine:

I’m browsing through WWF’s web page because of an ad I saw on a magazine. I learned that Ailuropoda melanoleuca is the scientific name for pandas. But I can’t guarantee I can remember this. Giant pandas is okay for me. It’s an adopt a panda symbolically advertisement. I’ve seen booths of the WWF in the malls and usually don’t stop by. It’s good to know that there are nature and wildlife advocates and protectors who invest their time and life in preserving the different species and their habitats.
I remember back in college when I would be encouraged to participate in community service, somehow in the process I was inspired to help out thinking that this would be one of the field that I can enter. But since I don’t have much access and ways to move around by myself, this passion somehow died down. I still help out when asked for donations like for the evacuation centers, or UNICEF, or scholarship funds, and this time I’m encouraged to help out in the adopt a panda program.


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