Last Saturday was a very eventful day. There was a fire in our building, at first we just smelled some burnt electrical wiring, then our neighbors were panicking and preparing to go down. Checked with the security guards and they were not informed of the fire. The fire alarm did not sound, I guess that somehow decreased the tension. Mom was already telling us to go down, dad was in the bathroom, I was in the middle of working on a translation on my laptop, a couple of minutes later when confirmed that it’s a unit from our building, we turned off the appliances and I just grabbed my bag lying on top of the drawers, wet our towels and went down with our househelps. We usually hear sirens of firetrucks and I feel uneasy when hearing it and hasn’t still gotten used to it even when we live in a neighborhood of fire stations. At times, during the night, the sirens resound nonstop and you’d wonder if it’s really near. This time it’s not prolonged alarming sound. Good thing that there were fire volunteers living in our building too. We took the stairs and saw grandparents being helped by their family and helpers to go down. Reached the level where there was fire and saw a few neighbors hovering around there trying to find out what happened. Finally, approached ground level and we saw firemen bringing in a ladder which they said that’s what they needed and they can manage from there. There was nobody around the unit so they couldn’t open the door, I’m not sure how they got in and put out the fire. It was said that the fire started from the refrigerator’s outlet and there were papers behind it that sparked the fire to spread. On the ground floor, we saw our never before seen neighbors and some familiar faces, and surprisingly there were quite a few carrying their dogs when I don’t see much during day time. People coming in by vehicles were puzzled as to what is happening. The scene was cleared and we were all asked to return to our homes. A kid in pajamas was saying it’s okay now to go back. The elevator opened in the floor of the fire incident and our dentist neighbor stepped in. He had a walkie-talkie in hand, he said that it’s already fine and told the source of the fire, seems like he is a volunteer too.

I remember last year’s fire at my grandma’s apartment when I heard panicked tones from mom, awoken in the middle of the night.

In the morning was the delivery of our new refrigerator since our old one which lasted for ten years was broken. Grateful that it was just broken. It would be repaired soon to replace an even older one. The cause of the fire was from a refrigerator, then there were papers behind the outlet that caused the fire to spread.

In the afternoon, I finished organizing my music files, and in the evening I was able to re-organize my closet. After that, I found a craft my sister and I can make for our mom for Mother’s Day, a bottle filled with colorful sands and stars.


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