To our dearest Mothers/Grandmothers

This Mother’s Day, I’m reminded of my paternal grandmother, Amah. How I learned how to sew watching her patch the holes from broken dresses or sew pillow cases, shorts and dresses. I’m not capable of complicated stitches but I managed to sew an apron upon her guidance and some guidelines from our home economics class, also using both hand-sewing and the sewing machine. Sometimes I would repair the holes from my garments or pillow cases (which was a favorite pastime of Amah and my aunts, always finding things to fix). There was a point where I feared handling the needles but I had to help her put the thread in the needle hole because her eyes can’t see clearly. She taught me to be brave, careful and how to handle it with ease. As in life, it won’t be easy, but you can ease your way in.

Spending time with her too during our childhood days, I learned how to live simply but with a smile on my face; to help out when needed even when not told to do so, to do things on our own when we can manage by ourselves. I am grateful for the lessons in life I have observed from her even when she didn’t explicitly said them. I learned how to conserve and be thrifty (not stingy). The little things do count, if you just exert a little extra effort. She’s not with us anymore but our memory of her is vivid. I have written a flash fiction that is dedicated to her, included in a collection of short stories which was published last year.

My maternal grandmother can be a super hero in how she provides for the needs of her family, even the extended relatives. You’d be surprised at the information she encompasses, even to the minutest detail like a relative of hers is suffering from sore eyes or stomach ache. But she’s really amazing in how she is able to care for everyone else’s problems to the point that you want to tell her to not worry and just relax. It’s as if she has this control room and everyone goes to her or makes a call to tell her what happened, whether it’s a big deal or small issue, it would help a lot to set your facts straight or be the first one to tell your story because that would stick and be passed around the family. I see an invisible grid that Guama is looking out for and it’s widening as the family gets bigger. I’m glad for the chance for the family to get together in every occasion that pops up, because I see the smile on her face. She loves to cook and is satisfied to see her family happy and enjoying the dishes she prepared.

Both side of grandmothers are great cooks, we might have been gifted with their genes, but we still have a lot to learn. We did grew up watching them prepare for their family.

I’m thankful for my mom who provides for our needs, looks after our safety, works very hard and still manage to oversee the necessary things that is needed at home. Though at times our ideas might not meet at some point, I’m grateful for the understanding and the love she gives us. Specially for bringing me to this world.

There are different mother figures that God blessed me with and I express my deep gratitude to them, to Achi, to my cousins,  aunts and professors. Cheers to all the mothers out there!


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