Eyes Open

The songs from the Hunger Games soundtrack are quite eerie, but very fitting for the movie. I like Taylor Swift’s song “Eyes Open” and her song with The Civil Wars, “Safe and Sound.” Mesmerized by Taylor Swift’s voice in her performance of these songs, the lyrics and sound depicted the feelings of the characters in the movie as well our experiences in life. War is raging around us, we can close our windows, bring down the curtains so we won’t see, but we can hear the sounds busting, and submerge back to the reality. It’s better to keep our eyes open once in a while, and not succumb to freefall without knowing that we’ve been pushed beyond the safe side.

The tricky thing is/Yesterday we were just children/Playing soldiers, just pretending/Dreaming dreams with happy endings/In backyards/Winning battles with the wooden swords/But now we’ve stepped into a cruel world/Where everybody stands up, And keeps score/Keep your eyes open
So here you are/Two steps ahead and staying on guard/Every lesson forms a new scar/They never thought you’d make it this far/But turn around/Now they’ve surrounded you/It’s a showdown/And nobody comes to save you now/But you got something they don’t, yeah you got something they don’t, you just gotta keep your eyes open/Everybody’s waiting/For you to breakdown/Everybody’s watching/To see the fallout/Even when you’re sleeping, sleeping/Keep your eye, eyes open


*video from youtube



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