Cooking again

Last Holy Week, we cooked with our cousins, prepared dinner and enjoyed the time we had together.


Tagalog Pechay Rice Casserole (supposed to be Broccoli Rice Casserole) – Tagalog pechay is nice too.

We prepared the desserts first before the main dish.

For the soup, my cousin chose the bihon with cucumber and mushrooms.  It was really tasty.

Memorable instances:

Tsabisi said that the straw mushroom shouldn’t be cut in half because you’ll lose the surprise. There’s liquid inside it if you eat it unchopped. Her brother kept on saying that it should be cut into two and if she wants she can leave one or two behind then find it later and we were nodding our heads too, tsabisi cut them all.

The chicken breast was quite thick so tsabisi chopped them into two and we incurred more pieces of the chicken cordon bleu dish.

To add to the few dishes we prepared, we brought some cropeks which mom notes that that’s what our grandmother likes to eat. We delivered some soup for her too as we went over to greet her.

Sorry if the photos are blurred. Just took a snap in between the preparation, forgot to check the shots.


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