Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time… we received a strong recommendation from tsabisi to watch Once Upon a Time, which I really enjoyed watching and was instantly hooked to each episode. It was in their house that we first watched this, and we were just able to continue this last Holy Week. It also felt nice to watch it together with my cousins. The concept of the drama is good, on how they portrayed the different fairytales fused together inside Snow White’s story and how they showed the various sides of the story and connected one story after the other. They weaved the tales together creating an interesting twist to the usual fairy tales we know. Also, watching this series spiked my interest and knowledge of the stories we used to read. I also remembered studying about how the stories evolved, having an unfairytale-like version before to the happily ever after that Disney portrayed. The story plays on where the characters still hasn’t found their happy endings since the Evil Witch/Queen strives on and with Rumpelstiltskin still creating contracts, and everyone is stuck in Storybrooke save for the Emma Swan (Prince Charming and Snow’s daughter) and a mysterious guy who could be the author/writer of the story, arrives at Storybrooke with a typewriter, adds some pages from the storybook Henry’s reading. Glad that we were able to catch up with the story.


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