This Holy Week has been fruitful for me. Almost everyone of us stayed home this time, no plans of trips in and out of the country. I’m glad that we hopped houses and spent time with relatives. After that, I felt refreshed, even when there were a bit of nuisances in between. It was really worth it and a great pause from the hasty weeks before. Thanks for accommodating us into your homes.

We cooked dinner last Good Friday. We played laser tag together on Black Saturday, it was the first time for most of us. We also learned poker from our cousin, and finally understood the game which I was not able to get in the past while watching games/tournaments on TV. The rest of the time, we played the usual games we play, like Speed, dominoes, and CLUE. Watching our Ama watch us play Scattegories, with smiles lingering on her face, I’m glad that she felt happy. I’m grateful that everyone set aside their studies and work to just have a break, and the opportunity to dine together. It is energizing to just play, eat and have fun. Our activities might not be fit for Holy Week – which should be solemn, peaceful and prayerful, but I got to reflect a lot of things this Holy Week, to clear my head, and start anew. Now, I’m ready again to continue the work I’ve started.

When we got home, we watched the movie HOP which was very timely that the Easter Sunday has just passed. Sometimes it just takes a hop to get to where we want to go, or to take that seed of hope to gather the broken pieces and start all over.


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