It’s nice to wake up this early when the ray of sun slowly peeks in and you’d be awakened naturally. I checked the times, it’s 6:30 in the morning. The environment here is really great, far from the busy and crowded city life, though technically we are in a city. It would be worth it to stay here a longer time, to take a walk (without minding the snatchers sneaking up to you), forget the worries, be refreshed and play – I find that this has no age limit and learning new games could be added up to our game dictionary of experience. My aunt played with us, even learning UNO and Monopoly Deal. At home, it’s just me and my sister who looks forward to playing games, but there are a lot of games that are a lot more fun when there are more players like CLUE, monopoly, etc.

We were able to watch cultural dances, some of which we’ve just seen for the first time, that was when we visited Nayong Pilipino as our last stop before leaving Clark.

The weather is quite cool, the air fresh, and the trees deliver a refreshing sight, which is truly nature’s gift. Grateful to be wiht my family – my cousin and her kids as well as her mom and my sis. This chance to stay in a serene place, a spacious villa and to be able to walk about and to feel the calm breeze brush through us. My professor was quite excited that finally we are going domestic. She’s encouraging me to explore the country which has a lot to offer and awaiting people to uncover. The opportunity is still limited in this line of adventure, but I’m thankful for this blessing to be shared with wonderful people in my life.


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