Indie Un Film

Last Saturday, I watched the Indie Un Film (IUF) my cousin invited
me to go to. Despite the weather conditions, and being late, I’m
glad I was able to attend. The films are done nicely, it inspired
me of endless possibilities, that there are so much stories to
discover in the world, and that we can accomplish much if we pour
our heart into it. I somehow miss the school days, especially if
we were studying now in the current conditions and developments in
technology and facilities. I wasn’t able to attend much of the
events that the university held, turned down a lot of invitations
of concerts and parties. I think I was just able to step twice in
this auditorium where the IUF was held. The first time was during
the concert of my classmate’s group/organization – the LSDC-
Street. The next I was invited, I wasn’t able to go. So I treasure this moment, even though I watched alone. It already started when I arrived. I found a seat at the last row on the aisle portion of the theater. Immediately, I got inspired by the ambience and as the films were shown, there were not too many people inside the auditorium so it was pretty quiet. There were a lot of thoughts that floated in my mind as the short features were being played.

They had experimental film, music videos, documentary, and feature films. I particularly liked the feature film, “On Thin Ice”, where a girl who lost touch of ice-skating when her dad who was her coach passed away finds her way back on ice, as well as her relationship with her mother who stood by her and realizing what matters in life. and there were some meaningful documentaries covering important issues in the government and society, like the documentary “Pantakip o Pantawid” which depicts the Pantawid Pamilya Programa whether it really aids the people or it just ignites more corruption as well as the consequences of the loan made by the government which would befall on the taxpayer’s money. “Day Care Teacher” presents a day in a teacher’s life and what she offers her students. “Banat ni Balagtas” features rappers and it is tackled how it is a form of poetry and the importance and effects of it to the youth of society. The “Virus in Paradise” covers the famous tourist spot Boracay and how the marine biologists strive to protect the nature, the water and its corals; and the consequences being brought by the presence of many tourists.

Watching the films presented opened up a lot of issues that one can address and explore using different avenues like the media. There seems to be an endless boundary where ideas fuse and diffuse.


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