Why oh why did the chicken cross the road?

We were on our way home passing through a curved road, when a chicken suddenly appeared crossing the avenue. It did survive the other lane despite the fast vehicles passing by, but it got bumped by an SUV as it reached the other lane. The sheer force made it bounce back and forth then plop to the ground, then it was run over by other vehicles, the crown being run over right after the impact. They couldn’t reduce their speed in an instant or they just did not notice the poor chicken. It’s feathers flew about, while it’s companions rest on the other side standing on an elevated position hardly noticed that they lost a comrade. That’s probably how the dead bodies of cats end up on the ground especially when they try to cross during the night, this time it’s road kill in broad daylight, but it is surprising how the hen just came out like that.

I still couldn’t understand why did the chicken cross the road, is it because it wanted to get to the other side? Because as I see it, it’s other companions are resting quietly on the sidewalk. I suddenly realized that humans too would make unreasonable decisions or thoughts that no one could stop them even when warned so many times. Sometimes we get hurt in the process but we hold on to what we choose, and when we accumulated too much scars, we’d step on the brakes and wait for the rain to stop. We are blessed to receive taps on the back or reminders so that we’d catch ourselves before falling deep down the pit. It’s important to grab the chance we get, and be grateful for the blessings that befall us.



3 thoughts on “Why oh why did the chicken cross the road?

  1. Poor chicken. Either way he’s dead. Napaaga lang. (The things I’ve been getting from my thesis: I’m mean!)

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