All-out Rehab/road works ahead

I’m grateful that the government is doing something about the roads, that finally something is being done about the rocky roads, the holes and lumps on the streets, even the big avenues. This time it’s not just patches of asphalt covering the holes but big projects of road repairs. I just hope that they could have a better plan in mobilizing everything, and not declare an all-out rehabilitation or road repair work in the different places.  That is what’s happening now. Everywhere you turn, roads are blocked or half-open. If they could work on those projects quickly then that won’t be a problem, but chances are their construction and repairs take months to finish. For instance, we can look at what happened to the Osmena flyover, which they contractor they hired had to re-do the work because it was substandard, so they had to close it again for some time. While they were working on it, passerbys could already see the quality of work they did then, but the DPWH just realized later that the contractor wasn’t able to comply to the standard.

People can’t afford that much traffic anymore, with the already heavy traffic condition we experience everyday. Gas prices are usually up and rarely declines even when the price in the World Market is down. Of course, they are free to reason out that they have bought it at a higher price that’s why they have to increase the price even when the market is down.

I’m grateful for the road repairs because we’ve been enduring a rather bumpy ride ever single day and it’s not good for the condition of the car. I just hope that the projects won’t be delayed or prolonged, and that bigger roads could be back to normal flow of traffic.

On the road, we’d see different signs, like road works 20 mtrs. ahead, etc. Took a photo of this one below:

and another one:


2 thoughts on “All-out Rehab/road works ahead

  1. Please take alternate road…after a few turns, please take alternate roads…then…road works 20 meters ahead….

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